We accept all 
clothing that are wearable.

New, gently worn, and pre-loved. No holes or stains please, unless they are part of the fashion statement.

Our Guidelines

No Stains

  • Perspiration marks
  • Make-up marks
  • Food or water stains

No Damages

  • Holes, tears or pilings
  • Missing or broken parts
  • Detached brand label
  • Noticeable Scratches

No Alterations

  • Altered hem line
  • Shrunk
  • Stretched
  • Replaced Parts


  • Cigarette smoke
  • Perfume
  • Pet dander
  • Mothball scent

Get Rewarded

With proof of purchase

All items receive up to 60 percent of the value you paid for it in credits. Brand new with tags? Receive up to 100 percent of the value you paid.

No proof of purchase?

Receive up to 10 shopping credits for your item.                                                                                                                                                                   


What do you accept as proof of purchase?

We accept any form of electronic invoice or printed receipt as long as it clearly states the clothing item, your name and the final price you paid for it.

What if my clothing is new without a proof of purchase?

You can receive up to 10 SGD in credits without a proof of purchase.

This allows us to be transparent and fair in the way we reward all our customers.

Is there anything you
will not accept?

Not really, as long as they are wearable, and are odour and defect free. However, due to hygiene reasons, we cannot accept undergarments, home-wear, swimwear, sportswear, and costumes. 

Please note that all pre-loved T-shirts, tank tops, and denim shorts can only be reimbursed for 1 SGD in credits each. 

How much are credits worth?

Each credit is equivalent to a dollar in SGD. You can use it to offset your future
purchases with us. Credits never expire.

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